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Making the Best Out of WordPress Web Development

No matter how many entrepreneurs come up with software ventures of their own, certain popular IT companies will always manage to take away the limelight from them. Oracle is one such player – among the several statements this company has made, a prominent one is the acquirement of Java from SUN Microsystems.
Any leading IT firm can be expected to be full of surprises and it doesn’t look like Oracle is going to break that norm any time soon. The company’s cloud platform will now include PHP development. Also, some other languages, Ruby being one of them, are about to become a part of Oracle cloud solutions.These solutions will also support the company’s open source database called MySQL.
The Application Container Cloud service that allows creation as well scaling of cloud apps, will have PHP support. It will take about three to four more months for Ruby to be added. Node.js and Java will also be supported.
While Oracle stands out of the large crowd of IT firms, it is not the first one to include PHP support in cloud apps development. Google happens to be the pioneer of the same, having done it on its App Engine platform. Some of the high-ranking people in Oracle have strongly emphasized and endorsed the Java capabilities of Oracle cloud that can can be teamed with PHP.
Another major development is that one can spin up MySQL databases on Oracle’s cloud. As a result, there is no need for provisioning and patching these databases before using them.
In order to support a wide range of database features and capabilities of key value, Oracle is also introducing NoSQL cloud services. These services will allow developers to run databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra. Similarly, one will be able to access Exadata machine through Exadata service, while the development and management of APIs is taken care of by API service. Apart from that, the cloud servers allow easy installation of any type of operating system with the desired type of virtualization through compute services. In this service, there are no conceptions about the installed software.

SEO in 2017 – Which Tips and Tricks you will follow?

The SEO world keeps on changing at a rapid speed. Customer’s expectations, Google’s updated Algorithms keep the marketers continuously thinking. Complacency will harm your ranking and lower your marketing position.
As we are on the verge of beginning the 2017 year, it’s good to have a close look on the upcoming SEO strategies. So here’s what the SEO Experts will look into:
Audience targeting in place of keyword Research?
Is it a Controversial statement? Or you might be thinking that I am completely wrong. Don’t take me wrong, but the point is, we really need to concentrate on audience targeting, and it’s a high time now that we open our eyes and see! It’s not that keywords are not important, they are, but beyond that what we want is an ‘Audience’. We really need to focus on some interesting questions such as:
  • Who is my Audience?
  • How will you serve their needs?
  • Who they really are?
  • Are they visiting my site or just by mistake they jumped into our site?
  • What is the thing that draws them to our site? What are they looking for?
  • Are they willing to buy a product? And if so then what sort of service you will provide?
After having a rich targeted audience, then you can convert them into your valuable customers. But it’s a long way to reach. The first step is to have an audience. Moreover, the strong content will act as a guiding source that will add a bonus. Both the content and these questions will help your boat sail to the river bank.
Artificial Intelligence will be prominent:
Haven’t you heard of Google’s RankBrain? A deep study as to what is it and how it’s going to work and the effects it’s going to make in SEO is important. A recent post by TechCrunch will take you to deep thinking! This simply tells us that we have run at the lightening speed. Well, to be more precise on this, the Search Engine Land, has in his article, briefly, reduces theconfusion about RankBrain.
We all know that Google uses several algorithms for SEO and ranking. So, we need not to worry, just make sure to use solid content that attracts the user.
PPC will play a major role:
We saw some major changes being made to Adwords in 2016. Apart from the ads shown on the right-hand side, text ads were expanded, desktop and mobile ads are handled separately, and few search results show the SERPs.
We have PPC as the only method of finding out the exact keywords that are entered by the user when the query is being made. With the increase of the voice search on mobile devices, not only brand awareness and conversions provide valuable data but also are helpful in SEO strategy. With the increase in the advancement of the Adwords, a smart strategy should also include some budget for PPC.
Will Link Building be dead?
It’s hard to ignore backlinks, but the efforts, expense, and planning goes all in vain when the output over the search engine is diminishing. The aim of the Google’s Page Rank was to determine the authority based on the site number and quality links pointed to that site. 
The overall idea was to earn the links that came in naturally. Well, rather than going after links, one should earn them. Here’s an interview that we did with Julie Joyce, let’s see what’s shehas to say about link building.
Final Thoughts:
Yes, the time is up! And SEO in 2017 will be full of surprises and excitement as it had been in the past. Brands needs to utilize their time and start strengthening their time in SEO and Ranking.
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Building Websites with WordPress and SEO in Mind

If we talk about building websites, using WordPress is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to get content online fast. There are numerous WordPress plugins to choose from along with great themes and widgets for WordPress. SEO plugins and widgets that add meta tags and site maps help to get new sites indexed fast, something that everyone who is building websites wants to see. I am a big fan of WordPress and have attended several Word Camp conventions. On the Web Development Blog as well as on Final, I share information about using WordPress to build websites, how to customize WordPress Templates and WordPress SEO. This is also where I share several bbPress plugins to include a forum on your WordPress site and tips for bbPress SEO.

How to Create Your Own Font?

Are you bored of those pre-designed fonts? Want to create your own font?
If yes, after years of research we have come with the ideas that can help you create a font of your own. It is just a natural evolution trying your hands at designing a natural typeface.
Although, a lot of information is available on the Internet about the history, drawings, topography, and much more but no one has clearly specified as to how to start when you want to create your own font style.
What are the initial steps to designing and creating a font style that you want to add to your content?
We are here with the useful information that has been compiled from different sources to give our readers a one-stop source to read on How to create a font?
When you are designing a font, you must know that it is a time-taking task so you have to be very specific about its usage. You might look for a type face that is self-expressive but conveying your message, in brief, is the

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Welcome to (A Unit of DECENT DESIGN, Bihar)

We are a best website design & software company in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, established and in operation since 2012. We are serving local clients with our high quality services. We offer website design, software development and Customization, e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization ( SEO ), web hosting, domain name registration, logo designing, Bulk SMS etc.
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website design software muzaffarpur.

Welcome to (A Unit of DECENT DESIGN, Bihar)

We are a best website design & software company in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, established and in operation since 2012. We are serving local clients with our high quality services. We offer website design, software development and Customization, e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization ( SEO ), web hosting, domain name registration, logo designing, Bulk SMS etc.
You can view our work by clicking on the portfolio.

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