Friday, December 9, 2016

Making the Best Out of WordPress Web Development

No matter how many entrepreneurs come up with software ventures of their own, certain popular IT companies will always manage to take away the limelight from them. Oracle is one such player – among the several statements this company has made, a prominent one is the acquirement of Java from SUN Microsystems.
Any leading IT firm can be expected to be full of surprises and it doesn’t look like Oracle is going to break that norm any time soon. The company’s cloud platform will now include PHP development. Also, some other languages, Ruby being one of them, are about to become a part of Oracle cloud solutions.These solutions will also support the company’s open source database called MySQL.
The Application Container Cloud service that allows creation as well scaling of cloud apps, will have PHP support. It will take about three to four more months for Ruby to be added. Node.js and Java will also be supported.
While Oracle stands out of the large crowd of IT firms, it is not the first one to include PHP support in cloud apps development. Google happens to be the pioneer of the same, having done it on its App Engine platform. Some of the high-ranking people in Oracle have strongly emphasized and endorsed the Java capabilities of Oracle cloud that can can be teamed with PHP.
Another major development is that one can spin up MySQL databases on Oracle’s cloud. As a result, there is no need for provisioning and patching these databases before using them.
In order to support a wide range of database features and capabilities of key value, Oracle is also introducing NoSQL cloud services. These services will allow developers to run databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra. Similarly, one will be able to access Exadata machine through Exadata service, while the development and management of APIs is taken care of by API service. Apart from that, the cloud servers allow easy installation of any type of operating system with the desired type of virtualization through compute services. In this service, there are no conceptions about the installed software.

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