Friday, December 9, 2016

How to Create Your Own Font?

Are you bored of those pre-designed fonts? Want to create your own font?
If yes, after years of research we have come with the ideas that can help you create a font of your own. It is just a natural evolution trying your hands at designing a natural typeface.
Although, a lot of information is available on the Internet about the history, drawings, topography, and much more but no one has clearly specified as to how to start when you want to create your own font style.
What are the initial steps to designing and creating a font style that you want to add to your content?
We are here with the useful information that has been compiled from different sources to give our readers a one-stop source to read on How to create a font?
When you are designing a font, you must know that it is a time-taking task so you have to be very specific about its usage. You might look for a type face that is self-expressive but conveying your message, in brief, is the

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